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Just What I Needed

A friend suggested Transformation Camp to me. I was overweight, unfit and lacking motivation. I'd tried going to the gym but I found the classes repetitive and training on my own was not something I was cut out for. Kingsley's sessions combined with the nutrition advice and the group WhatsApp were just what I needed. We trained three times a week for 6 weeks and every session was different. Hard work, but very enjoyable, and I could see and feel the difference. For the first time in a long time I began to really enjoy training. At the end of the programme, I had lost weight, toned up and felt generally much fitter. I signed on again for a few more programmes because the early morning starts fitted with my work hours and I enjoyed the support of the group I was with. 8 months on I had lost 25lb, and almost 6 inches off my waist. My overall fitness levels were better than I can remember in a long time. If you're prepared to put the effort in, Kingsley will make sure that the sessions are challenging, but fun. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone.

Richard Benson

Transformation Camp Member

Friendly & Approachable

I first heard about transformation camp through recommendation so I’d seen the amazing results that could be achieved. When I got in touch with Kingsley he was friendly and approachable and immediately made me feel at ease. I was unhappy with my body having lost motivation to go to my usual gym classes and eating to excess. I’d gained weight quickly and I hated the way my body looked. I was nervous to start the Transformation Camp because my fitness levels were low and my confidence was lacking. I needn’t have worried. Kingsley makes the classes work for everyone no matter your fitness levels by adapting to suit you as an individual but also challenging you to always go one better than your previous session. I lost 8kg, going beyond the goal I set myself as a result of doing the camps. Not only this but my body shape changed completely, including developing abs which I had never seen in my body before! I gained more than abs though. My fitness levels increased significantly as did my confidence and I’ve gained a group of friends thanks to the camp who are so supportive. I no longer hate my body, I’d maybe even say I loved it which I would never dreamed of saying before! Kingsley is a miracle worker and I’m so grateful for everything he’s taught me & what he’s enabled me to achieve.

Hannah Benson

Transformation Camp Member

Change My Life

What can I say, transformation camp has literally changed my life and I’m not just saying that. I’ve changed my whole lifestyle and got rid of a hell of a lot of really bad habits. Kingsley is absolutely amazing. He motivates, encourages and disciplines all at the same time. I actually don’t think I could live without this camp in my life and I look forward to it and the group chat we have is such a good lifeline what an amazing bunch of people. We all encourage each other. I’m so grateful to have bumped into Kingsley one day whilst he was doing a Bootcamp in the park or I wouldn’t be writing this now

Emma Wilson

Transformation Camp Member

Fun & Enjoyable

I first started the transformation camp with Kingsley in November. I was 16st 4lbs with a high fatty liver due to eating junk food all the time. During the training Kingsley kept the classes strict but fun and enjoyable at the same time. Fast forward 6 months I am 13st 4lbs and my liver is back to normal. It has been a great journey with Kingsley. I was very nervous about attending the camp as I am quite shy in nature but I knew I needed to make a change in my life. I shouldn't have worried as Kingsley instantly put me at ease, he is very approachable and before I knew it he had got me out of my comfort zone without me realising.

John Shackleton

Transformation Camp Member

encouraging and motivating

I started doing PT with Kingsley in February and I’m so happy with the results I’ve achieved. In 2019 I got injured training for the Barcelona marathon and couldn’t run for 5 months. So no running and a lot of comfort eating meant I piled on the pounds. I started doing Kingsley’s transformation camp and started to get fitter and stronger but my head wasn’t in the right place so I wasn’t losing much weight. So I bit the bullet and signed up for PT, best thing ever! Kingsley is so encouraging, motivating and really pushes you to achieve results. I told Kingsley I wanted to improve my running times and hill running. The sessions involved a lot of hills with his weighted Bergen on my back with me looking at him like he’d gone mad but it’s worked! My 5k time has reduced by 8 minutes and while I’m still not flying up hills they’re definitely easier than they were back in February. If you have a goal or just want to get in shape I highly recommend Kingsley. He’s on call any time you need advice and help and is so supportive and motivating. The sessions are hard but really fun too even when he makes you run up a million steps with his Bergen on!!

Christine Bradbourne

PT Client

Breath of fresh air

Kingsley is a breath of fresh air in the world of PT’s, he is sincere and passionate about what he does and not vain and shallow as most PT’s usually are. He is a first class trainer that has tailored my sessions to my personal needs, he is patient and understanding as well as ensuring that I reach my goals and go beyond! I have seen a huge improvement in my overall fitness and strength and have gone from 1 to 3 session a week now (i’m loving it) I have no hesitation in highly recommending kingsley to anyone considering a PT, if anything he should come with a warning!!!!! His session are addictive!!!!!!!

Lee Huggett

Regional Sales Manager

Your motivation is the best

A huge personal thank you to Kingsley, not only for training me through the good times & the bad times (when I really lost my fitness mojo)…but your motivation is the best I’ve experienced. You believed in me when I didn’t even believe in myself. You have pushed me to new limits that I didn’t think were possible. Your enthusiasm & upbeat personality is infectious & you won’t ever except failure. Not only a huge thank you for training me, but for your continuous 24/7 support, motivation & advice about fitness & diet. You played a huge part in why I was physically & mentally able to smash the Tough Mudder & I've never felt stronger. Already looking forward to our next workout.

Emma Dickens

Hallmark Cards

You have changed my life, thank you

In June 2013, after months of ” I should get myself in shape” and ” I need to get healthy “, I decided to look at my options. Some of my friends had decided to enter an event called Tough Mudder and were posting pictures and comments on Facebook regularly. At the age of 34, weighing 13st 9 and being in the worst shape of my life.. it was time to take action!! I decided to take a leap of fate and enter said tough mudder. It was at this point that I saw a post on Facebook from an old school friend, who had recently left the british army after 15 years and was just starting up his own personal training business. The post was asking for people who wanted to train for an event, loose weight, tone up or just all round fitness to get in touch. I thought to myself, why not see where I’m at! Well here I am three months on, weighing 11st 10, with a personal best of 5:30 minute miles. I have completed Tough Mudder and earned my tough mudder head band in a time of 2hrs 7mins!! All this would not have been possible if it wasn’t for my friend and trainer, Kingsley Simmons. You have changed my life, thank you. The results that you can achieve with Kingsley’s help are just phenomenal, so thanks again and I look forward to many awesome sessions in the future. Simply amazing!!

Andrew Walsh


I am in the shape of my life

I have always been active through regular dance classes, gym sessions and I used to consider my fitness levels as good, but I found myself wanting more of a challenge and to push myself harder, so when a friend recommended Kingsley’s sessions I thought I’d give it a go. I quickly realised I had been sitting in my comfort zone for a long time and my fitness maybe wasn’t as good as I first thought. Kingsley’s sessions are intense but varied and despite being group sessions they are always catered to each individual – he pushes everyone regardless of their fitness so that everyone sees a steady improvement. I saw a marked increase in my strength and fitness from attending his sessions so after 6 weeks or so I decided to add in the running classes. With Kingsley’s support and training something amazing happened – I actually started to enjoy running! I now do 3 classes a week with Kingsley, I love every one and I love the effects it has had on my body. As a trainer Kingsley’s knowledge and experience is clear from the outset but on top of that his personality and passion for what he does is second to none. He is extremely encouraging and supportive but at the same time knows how and when to give you the extra push to really get results. His sessions are addictive and I put that purely down to him as a person. I do not think you could find yourself a better trainer. So now, at the age of 31 I can honestly say I am in the shape of my life both in terms of fitness and weight loss and I have never enjoyed exercise more. Thank you Kingsley – you’ve created a monster!

Katie Miller

Land Buyer

3 sessions a week at a lower price than a gym membership

Kingsley was invited to our office to start a corporate running club last year. Whilst his sessions are difficult, he has a great knack of understanding each persons capabilities and pushing them right to the edge every time. His sessions are very varied and I am seeing great improvement in my fitness level and asthma symptoms. Kingsley has also helped me improve my nutrition and I now attend up to 3 sessions a week at a lower price than a gym membership, knowing I will get a session tailored to me each time, regardless of the amount of attendees.

Helen Jenkinson

Legal Secretary

I’ve never met anyone as committed, dedicated and naturally motivating

I wanted to post something about Kingsley that would really convey just how special a trainer he is. Health, fitness and sport have been part of my life as long as I can remember, but in all these years, I’ve never met anyone as committed, dedicated and naturally motivating as Kingsley. His sessions are varied, progressive and whatever your level of fitness, they’re certainly demanding! He’ll push you to give your maximum effort every time, but his enthusiasm is infectious and his genuine belief in what you’re capable of, really boosts your self-confidence and encourages you to dig deep and find just that little bit more. I absolutely love the group training sessions with Kingsley – both the fun we have as well as the serious work, not to mention the team spirit that’s grown since he arrived. Thanks for everything Kingsley; for all the effort you put into keeping us motivated, for the improvements I’ve seen in my own fitness and for helping me on my way to becoming the best I can be.

Debra Munoz

HM Revenue & Customs

Lost half a stone

I have lost half a stone in three and a half weeks I know it’s not much, but it’s with Kingsley Simmons help that I have done it, thanks x

Julie Murcutt


Kingsley Simmons is the man!

Want to get great results? Keep up the hard work it’s well worth the effort, I’ve used different trainers over the years and can safely say that? Kingsley Simmons is the man! I’ve lost weight gained strength and stamina and all in only 8 weeks! Get on it!

Mark Hatton

Installation Manager

Great motivator and knows how to get results

It’s so important to train guys and Kingsley’s sessions are awesome. He is a great motivator and knows how to get results. I’ve been training with Kingsley for nine months now. Although I was hit and miss before Christmas. In January I joined in the juice plus revolution and committed to training with Kingsley. I’ve lost 2 stone and dropped over two inches off my waist. I’m fitter healthier and I’ve met some great people which is an added bonus.

Louise Smithson

Legal Executive

talented and passionate

The sessions that Kingsley has been providing to Carr Manor Community School have been creative, educational and most importantly fun. The ability Kingsley has to engage with both pupils and staff and tailor sessions to individual needs is an extraordinary skill. It has been a pleasure to work with such a talented and passionate man. The work provided by Kingsley comes very highly recommended by us.

Rebecca Garbutt

Family, Community and Enrichment Manager