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SimFit666 Package

Going to the gym or attending classes isn’t always the best option when you want to work out. If you want to save time or money or you are simply more comfortable working out at home then the SimFit666 package is definitely something to take advantage of.

All you need to start your journey to getting fit and to a heathier happier you is determination. If you are prepared to stick with the workouts and eat a healthier then you will lose weight, tone up and feel so much better in yourself. The workouts are easy to follow and they still provide that additional motivation you need.

Regardless of fitness levels from beginner to advanced if you are looking for the ultimate challenge to transform yourself this is for you, the hint is the name. The package includes 7 gruelling workouts with a set of resistance bands and is designed to put you through your paces, burn body fat and really tone it all up.

The program timings can be altered to accommodate all fitness levels so don’t shy away from this one-off payment mega deal!!

Nearly 5 hours of fat burning exercises, including HIIT to do at home in your own time when suits you.

SimFit666 includes:

Warm up x 1
42 minute workouts x 7
Cool down x 1
Pack of 5 resistance bands x 1
Nutritional top tips

Providing you are prepared to put in a little time and effort into your workout it can be just as effective as any fitness class or gym.

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For new applicants, please download, fill in and send back the health questionnaire to info@simfit100.co.uk.


fitness and sport have been part of my life as long as I can remember, but in all these years, I’ve never met anyone as committed, dedicated and naturally motivating as Kingsley.

Debra Munoz

As a trainer Kingsley’s knowledge and experience is clear from the outset but on top of that his personality and passion for what he does is second to none.

Katie Miller

The results that you can achieve with Kingsley’s help are just phenomenal, so thanks again and I look forward to many awesome sessions in the future. Simply amazing!!

Andrew Walsh
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